Blog to Book Project — Free Book Promotion

Make sure to scroll down to see which eBook is FREE for you to download from Amazon today!

A great way to get reviews is to offer your book free every so often. When your title is enrolled in KDP Select, you can give your book away for up to 5 days every 90-day term. If you have already done a Kindle Countdown Deal during a period of enrollment, your book won’t be eligible for a Free Book Promotion.

To set up a free book promotion click on the Promote and Advertise button next to the title on your KDP Bookshelf.

On the Promote your book on Amazon page, make sure the Free Book Promotion is selected and click on the yellow Create a new Free Book Promotion button.

Choose a start and end date. You can choose all five days at once, or run multiple free book promotions during the 90-day period. Once the dates are entered, select the yellow Save Changes button. 

You can edit or delete a free promotion at any time, including during an ongoing promotional period. While the book is free, it won’t be included in the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL). You also don’t receive any royalties for any free books that are purchased during the promotional period. 

While your book is free, it is eligible for ranking on the Top 100 Free page in the Kindle Store. Once the promotional period ends, it reverts back to ranking on the Top 100 Paid page.  

Don’t forget to blast your social media networks with the news! Everybody loves FREE books!

Assignment: Set up a Free Book Promotion.

I’ve set up a free book promotion for my latest that you can pick up for FREE until April 8, 2020. A Woman’s Survival Guide to Disasters in Rural Mexico eBook version is FREE–so go on and pick it up!

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