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In order to start some hype about your ebook, you can set it up as a pre-order book after you have published your print version. Pre-orders count towards sales ranking even before your book is released.

Pre-orders are not available at yet, but you can set your book up for pre-order at any other Amazon Kindle Store. Customers can order it anytime up to the release day. Once it’s released, they will receive their copy.  

To create a pre-order, set it up as you would any other KDP ebook. When you get to the pre-order section, choose “Make my Kindle eBook available for Pre-order.” and choose a release date. You’ll get a message telling you that you need to upload the final draft a few days before that release date. Save and continue.

Under the Manuscript heading, you are given the option to upload your manuscript now or wait until a few days before the release date to upload it.

Continue through the setup process. On the final page, you’ll see the yellow button “Submit for Pre-Order” instead of the normal publish option.

Once you submit your manuscript, the detail on your bookshelf for that book will say “Pre-Order in Review.”  While Amazon is setting up the detail page for your pre-order book, the notification will say “Pre-Order Publishing.”

Once it is live, you’ll receive an email where you can check out the detail page on Amazon for this title. 

If you haven’t submitted a manuscript, there will be a timer on the setup page that lets you know how long you have to submit your file so that it will be delivered to customers on time. If you don’t upload a manuscript before that date, the pre-order will be canceled and you can’t set up any other pre-orders for the period of one year. You won’t be able to make any changes to the manuscript after the submission deadline until after the release date. 

You can keep track of pre-orders on your reports page. The report will include pre-ordered ebooks, cancellations and net pre-order units. The sales information will not appear in the royalty reports until after the book is delivered to customers. 

You can change the release date if you need to. If you move it up, you must submit the republish your manuscript. Customers who have already pre-ordered your book will get the book earlier.

You can delay the book’s release once up to 30 days before the submission deadline. If you delay the book a second time, you won’t be able to create another pre-order for a year. If your book is delayed, customers who have already ordered your book will receive an email to that effect. 

You can also cancel a pre-order by unpublishing it from the bookshelf on KDP. If you cancel though, you won’t be able to set up another pre-order for one year. 

Assignment: Get your ebook ready for pre-order.

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