October 2023 Writing Challenge Update

Screaming into the void! That’s how the writing challenge went for me in October. I devoted so many hours to working my day jobs that NO writing got done. 

Then, despite all the publicity (See YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR (ME) ARTICLE & PODCAST FEATURES), October was a dismal month for sales. I’m going to blame it on Amazon Prime days, but who knows? It could have been just a fluke. 

On the last day of the month, I finally got the editing done for the revised version of The Mexican Apothecary. The internet hasn’t been very cooperative lately, so we’ll see when I can get the new edition uploaded. 

In November, I signed up for Nanowrimo mostly for accountability purposes. I am DETERMINED to get some writing done this month. And just because I can, I’m choosing herbs as my focus once again. I’ve already started my research on wild roses in traditional Mexican remedies. 

Yippee kay-ya-eh. Move along, little bookies!!!

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