Xodus Solutions: An Expert’s Guide to Thoughtful Prepping and Survival By G. Matthew Johnson

Xodus Solutions, the book, is designed to complement the resources available at XodusSolutions.com and vice versa. The book’s first section focuses on the bug-out scenario, providing a host of possible solutions that most prepper books don’t cover when it’s time to get out of Dodge (or whatever urban location you happen to be in). As an example, the book considers evacuation methods involving caravans or aircraft leased or collectively owned by a group of individuals who share the common objective of leaving the area. The amount of organization and money these options entail makes them less feasible for the individual prepper or small family. 

Xodus Solutions outlines a strategy for executing these solutions, including the establishment of restricted-access fueling stations exclusively available to members and the commitment to coordinate flights from specific urban regions, also reserved for members. Readers are urged to participate in a website survey for additional details. While considerable research has gone into formulating these secure and orderly bug-out solutions, they do not address the unpredictability of human behavior, which frequently leads to frenzied scrambles and chaos when confronting life-or-death situations, even when there is a “plan.”

The following sections run through the estimates of how much food you might need, what tools and supplies would be helpful to have on hand, and some energy options. Again, I found the information to be on the upper scale of “survival options,” with more of a focus on hoarding rather than developing skills for survival after a catastrophic event. For instance, you certainly can rent fallow farmland and build a shelter to store your goods, but if the world order changes, that farmer will need that farmland to produce (as will you), and your tin shack will just be in the way.

The last section focused on nuclear bombs. While fascinating reading, it’s not something that you can effectively prepare for. Any supplies you have stored in a nuclear blast zone will be contaminated by radiation and unsafe to use. 

Overall, I found Xodus Solutions to be interesting reading. However, in my opinion, the book is primarily tailored to preppers who seek to minimize inconvenience rather than individuals like myself who are already living off-grid or for those who recognize that in TEOTWAWKI scenarios, a more fundamental survival skill set is required beyond what this book encompasses. 

I received an ARC from Reedsy Discovery to review this book. You can read my review HERE.

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