Your Favorite Author (me) Article & Podcast Features

Would you believe that articles I’ve written are featured in not one but TWO digital zines this month, a print magazine, and a podcast? Whoop!

Take a gander at A Cup of Chocolate in A Tale of Two Cities in BookWorm Nook Magazine

Explore the mystical world of Mexican Herbalism: Traditional Knowledge and Modern Applications in ReAwakened Online Magazine.

Discover the mystical journey of Monarch butterflies as they dance between realms, serving as ethereal messengers bridging this world and the afterlife in this enchanting exploration of their symbolism and significance in the October/November issue of the Edge Magazine. 

Monarch Butterflies: Messengers of the Afterlife

But wait, there’s more! I’m also on Rediscovering Your Passion and Purpose with Patti! 

Season 2 – Episode 4 

“Surviving Mexico with Camille Flores. Camille talks about how she overcame starting from scratch in rural Mexico. This included building a house, getting electricity, and figuring things out. One of the unexpected things to happen to Camille was discovering a passion for Mexico herbalism. She now writes books about her adventures in Mexico and about the health benefits of the many herbs she is discovering and the historical importance of each of them.”

Listen now on: 

Whew! Gotta say, all this attention is a bit overwhelming! Fortunately (or not) I don’t expect a repeat next month.

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