Your Favorite Author (me) Article & Podcast Features

Would you believe that articles I’ve written are featured in not one but TWO digital zines this month, a print magazine, and a podcast? Whoop!

Take a gander at A Cup of Chocolate in A Tale of Two Cities in BookWorm Nook Magazine

Explore the mystical world of Mexican Herbalism: Traditional Knowledge and Modern Applications in ReAwakened Online Magazine.

Discover the mystical journey of Monarch butterflies as they dance between realms, serving as ethereal messengers bridging this world and the afterlife in this enchanting exploration of their symbolism and significance in the October/November issue of the Edge Magazine. 

Monarch Butterflies: Messengers of the Afterlife

But wait, there’s more! I’m also on Rediscovering Your Passion and Purpose with Patti! 

Season 2 – Episode 4 

“Surviving Mexico with Camille Flores. Camille talks about how she overcame starting from scratch in rural Mexico. This included building a house, getting electricity, and figuring things out. One of the unexpected things to happen to Camille was discovering a passion for Mexico herbalism. She now writes books about her adventures in Mexico and about the health benefits of the many herbs she is discovering and the historical importance of each of them.”

Listen now on: 

Whew! Gotta say, all this attention is a bit overwhelming! Fortunately (or not) I don’t expect a repeat next month.

The Author and Artist Hour featuring Camille Flores

I had an amazing author interview experience with Toni Lontis last month and I’d like to share the end result!

The first half of the interview is about my experiences as an American female expat and the books I wrote for the A Woman’s Survival Guide to Rural Mexico series. Then, the topic changed to herbs, and you already know that’s a subject that literally lights me up what with my plethera of herb books (4 in English, one is Spanish, and one in the works with a tenative June release date).

As an introvert, I find it hard to put myself out there and share a bit of myself. Heck, I even use two different pen names to hide behind as an author. But Toni made it easy for me to open up about the experiences that inspired some of the books I’ve written.

You can watch the interview on Youtube:

Or listen to it as a podcast:

Or watch it on the Everyday Women’s Network:

And for any authors that are brave enough to do a live international interview, I encourage you to book a time with Toni to see what she can do for you and your writing aspirations!

Interview with the Author — ME

Well, who knew that having a pen name would make identification so difficult? This week Leigh Thelmadatter wrote about me for Mexico News Daily and I barely recognized myself even though there was a picture of ME in the article.

Anyway, if you’d like to read more about C.E. Flores AKA La Gringa de La Yacata AKA Camille Torok AKA Torok AKA La Maestra AKA Camille E. Torok de Flores AKA Millie Flores (author of soon to be released children’s books) then here’s the link to that article. Enjoy!

Author Interview with The Bangura Institute

Last week Roxana Bangura from The Bangura Institute features little ol’ me on her YouTube channel. What was intended to be a 30 minute chat lasted more than an hour! I shared some personal things that I hadn’t meant to, and talked about my books some, revealing the fact I’m working on a series for children that hopefully will be available in the near future. 

So if you’d like to watch the episode about yours truly, here it is!

April 2021 Virtual Book Tour– C.E. Flores

C.E. Flores was born in the Eastern United States and currently lives in central Mexico. She received her Bachelor’s in Education at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and picked up her husband while studying there. She writes about her wild and crazy off-grid life in rural Mexico as well as references books for expats, writers, bloggers, preppers, and herbalists.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book Series

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book

With the A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book series you will be able to format and market your self-published book right! Click on the links below for a preview of each book!

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Content Creative — C.E. Flores
Surviving Mexico — Adventures and Disasters
Check out this quick video highlighting C.E. Flores’ current books!

Road Trip Visitors

If you’d like to meet the other female authors featured during the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2021, you’ll find the complete list in the Reflections post here. Thanks for stopping by!

Wellness Month

In honor of Wellness Month in August, A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare is free for the next few days at Amazon.

Negotiating the healthcare system in Mexico is challenging to say the least. You can read about one woman’s current struggle to get adequate healthcare for cancer treatment in Mexico, you can go here.

A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare by C.E. Flores

healthcare cover

A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare is finally ready for release. The book covers the basics of the Mexican national healthcare system as it stands now, the reality of sexual assault, femicide, and abuse in Mexico, the role of the traditional curandera, and herbal remedies as alternative healing practices. Women living in all parts of Mexico (and Guatemala) candidly shared their health and wellness experiences so that other women will be better informed.

It is my hope that this book in some way empowers women who have moved to Mexico to have some measure control of their own healing. You can get it free at Amazon for the next few days.

Que est(Be well).jpg

Read an E-Book Week March 3-9

In celebration of Read an E-book Week, March 3-9, you can get La Yacata Revolution: How Not to Buy a Piece of Heaven in Mexico free from Amazon for the next few days.  

What other ebooks do you plan to read this week?