Creating an eBook Cover with Canva

If you aren’t satisfied with the limited cover options offered by your book template or chosen publishing platform, you might want to make your own. Canva makes it easy to create a 1410 X 2250 pixel cover for your eBook. It even categories covers for you according to the genre. How cool is that?

Go to Canva and choose the book cover icon.

Then scroll through the options and choose the type of book you are creating a cover for. So suppose I have a fiction book about three women who move to Mexico and live out their dreams. Obviously, it won’t work exactly how the template is, so I need to change it a little. 

After you are satisfied with your cover, download it as a PDF Print form for the best image. This is what you will upload to the book template or publishing site. 

If you are using Wattpad or need a 512 x 800 cover image, you can find that as on option on Canva as well. When you choose that option, you’ll get a selection of free and paid options, but they aren’t neatly classified. Canva Pro will give you even more options.

Make the changes you need and download the image. Since the image size is smaller, you may not need the high quality PDF version for a quality cover.

Assignment: Make your eBook cover with Canva.

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