Writing Challenge Update September

Sadly, I don’t have a new release this month, but I have been making progress. If you remember, I am reworking some parts of The Mexican Apothecary. The first half of the book is done. This month I hope to do the second half and re-release it in October.

Then, I’ve started on the book that chronicles the crackpot income-generating ideas we’ve tried since moving to Mexico. The working title is Minding the Business in La Yacata. I might need a month or two more on that. The rough draft is done, but the editing–oh, the editing.

I do have some freebies for you to hold you over until these WIPs are done. I also have some freebies for you. First, A Woman’s Survival Guide to Holidays in Mexico is free on Amazon until Labor Day.

Then, Sip Your Way to Summer Wellness: 10 Delectable Herbal Elixers for Refreshing Vitality is available via Edge Magazine.

And finally, Herbal Academy also has a free ebook you can download, 11 Herbal Recipes for Memory and Focus.

See you at next month’s writing challenge check-in!

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