August 2023 Writing Challenge Update

I wasn’t sure I was going to finish the shopping book in July. Not only did formatting give me grief, but the rainy season meant my internet was unstable, and uploading the manuscript to Amazon took DAYS! 
Anyway, to celebrate, the ebook version of A Woman’s Survival Guide to Shopping in Rural Mexico: Where to Go to Get the Essentials is FREE August 1-5. The print version is still under review and not live quite yet on Amazon. 

As much as I want to work on herbs some more (the wellness garden book is calling my name), I’m going to spend this month working on another book in La Yacata series. It’s not my best-selling series, but I’m pretty sure I can get this one out in a month, as I have the draft done already. Remember that impressive list of WIP I started the year with?

I am going to do some revisions on The Mexican Apothecary book. I received some constructive criticism which I’m going to use to rethink the book before I move on to the next one in the series. So I won’t totally be deprived of herbs this month! Don’t forget to grab your free book! 

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