Publishing a Hardcover Book on Amazon KDP

Amazon has started offering hardcover publishing on KDP. This is a nice feature for select books as you don’t need to pay anything up-front and you earn 60 percent royalties after the printing costs are deducted. Not all books are worth the conversation to hardcover. However, children’s books, photo books, and a well-selling fiction or non-fiction manuscript will look spectacular in hardcover. 

Amazon’s hardcovers do not come with a dust jacket and some have said the quality isn’t what you might find at a traditional publisher. On the other hand, I was delighted with my children’s books. 

So here’s how you get one of these lovely babies via KDP.

Once you select “create a hardcover” from your KDP dashboard, the process is fairly straightforward. The hardcover details are automatically transferred from your paperback/ebook setup. 

Under the tab “Hardcover Content” add your ISBN if you have one, otherwise, Amazon can assign one to you that you can use on its platform. Choose your print options and size. Upload your manuscript and create a cover. 

And that’s it. Really. The printing costs, of course, will be much higher than the paperback version, so the price you set for your book should reflect that. Check it out! It might be just the thing for your manuscript or children’s story.


Pick up your own copy of Millie Flores’ Women of the Bible Activity series, available in Kindle, paperback, and now hardcover!

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