Amazon Ad Challenge with Bryan Cohen

In January, I signed my author self up for Bryan Cohen’s Amazon Ad Challenge. This was actually the third time around for me. The first time I was too intimidated to participate. The second time I did each and every assignment and attended each and every session. This third time, I tried my hand at creating ads for a different book, and man, has it made a difference in my book sales on Amazon.

I highly recommend the Amazon Ad Challenge for anyone looking to get some more publicity for their book. Bryan does an excellent job explaining how to read the Amazon Ad dashboard, create ad copy, and launch a low-cost ad that gives results. 

This isn’t an instant rocket ride to stardom by any means. In fact, Bryan cautions authors that they must be like the Zen lemur and cultivate patience. However, I have been delighted with my modest results. 

This process works best for series since your royalties will increase exponentially due to the phenomena of “read-through.” This means a reader buys your book or reads it on Kindle Unlimited because it was featured in an ad. Then, they like your book so much, they buy the next book in the series, and so on.

Over 1,500 authors have registered for the Free Amazon Ad Challenge. I’m one of them! Want to join me? Click here to register for next week’s event:

I will warn you that these challenges (which are free and offered quarterly) are intensive. You won’t get any other writing done. But the benefits are worth it! 

The next FREE Amazon Ad Challenge is set for April 12. I know I’m blocking off the time on my calendar. If you are serious about earning royalties, I suggest you sign up too!

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