Freebies for Readers, Authors, and Teachers for Buy Nothing Day

Today is Buy Nothing Day! And why should you when these items are FREE!

Melissa Storm’s Author Engine Quick Tips mini-bundle is FREE and a great resource for authors. There are tips on lead magnets, keywords, categories, Facebook ads, targeting international markets, and more!

If you like bright and shiny things, Leonie Dawson’s Freebie Page might appeal to you. Leonie is quirky and real and has pretty pictures on her downloads.

If you are an author and struggling with getting that manuscript in tip-top shape, then Stacy Juba’s FREE Editing Course–Line Editing Made Simple: 5 Days to More Polished Pages, might be just what you need. I took the course and felt it really made a difference. You can read my review of the course here. Stacy also has other freebies including a FREE toolkit 7 Simple Steps To Nailing Your Book Blurb and a FREE Character-Naming Guide for you to check out.

Herbal Academy is one of my favorite online herb resources. The Herbal Support for Winter Wellness ebook is FREE to download. It has 10 essential herbal recipes for winter health, just what the doctor ordered! You can get the FREE Herbal Support for Cold and Flu Season Ebook and 10 Wintertime Tea Recipes by Friends of the Herbal Academy too!

I am also offering some FREE Black Friday stuff. This weekend the ebook version of Book Weaving: How to Create a Story Tapestry From Your Blog Threads is FREE on Amazon.

And since finances and contagion deem I will be staying put this holiday season, how about some FREE virtual ebook travel with Playing Tourist in Mexico: A Collection of Adventures from Women Traveling in Mexico.

How about some Zoom games to while away the time? I have THREE FREE for you in Spanish and English. My talented friend Claudia did the drawings for these fun and interactive games.

Who Was I? Women of the Old Testament Guessing Game

Who Was I? Women of the Old Testament Guessing Game for Zoom is a fun way to review your Bible studies. The scriptural notations allow you to look up more information about each woman if you are stumped. Available in English and Spanish.

Women of the Old Testament Trivia Game

Review your knowledge of 37 different women mentioned in the Old Testament via Zoom! Play as individuals or in family groups. Available in English and Spanish.

Women of the Bible Bingo

Women of the Bible Bingo is a fun and educational aid to Sunday school lessons or homeschooling curriculum. This set includes three different bingo boards and calling cards. Available in English and Spanish.

I hope you enjoy all these FREEBIES on Buy Nothing Day!

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