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When I go on vacation, I use social media schedulers to keep things rolling while I do other things. Social media can take over your life if you let it. Promoting your book, sharing interesting articles by prominent writers, highlighting book reviews and so on can take time away from your next book project. 

In this post, I’d like to talk about the different social media schedulers that I use. Each has free and paid options. I suggest trying the free version first to see if it will work for you before signing up for the paid version. This list isn’t all-inclusive. You may find other schedulers that work better and that’s just fine. This post is meant as an introduction to the concept of social media schedulers. 

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Social media sites have limits on how often you can post per day. I’m not nearly close to the upper limits even using schedulers. I average 2-3 posts per day at most. 

The first scheduler I use is Postfity. I can schedule up to 10 posts in advance with the free version. That works for now. For a while, I did use the paid version because it is substantially less expensive than the other schedulers but I went back to the free version. Postfity is also less complicated to use than Hootsuite which is a great thing for beginners, like me.

The second scheduler I use is Buffer. Buffer is pretty similar to Postfity. The free version also lets me schedule 10 posts ahead of time. So with these two schedulers, I have 20 days, one post a day all set. 

Hootsuite is the most expensive and most comprehensive scheduler I use. With the free version, I can schedule 30 posts in advance, which is perfect for one post a day for the entire month. 

So using these three schedulers, I can provide interesting content for my followers without having to spend time on social media daily. 

Assignment: Check out different social media schedulers and see which works for you. 

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