Blog to Book Project — Linking Your Books

Example of linked books. Both the Kindle and Paperback options appear.

Once you have your paperback manuscript uploaded to Amazon, you want to make sure that the ebook and paperback link up so that readers will have both options when they go to purchase your book. 

Most of the time, Amazon will do the link-up automatically. I’ve run into an issue though when the books don’t link up because I changed the formatting slightly to accommodate print vs. ebook-reader experience. 

There isn’t a way to get around the exact match to link the books on the detail pages. You can, however, link the slightly different books on your KDP Bookshelf which helps you keep track of your publications. 

To do the KDP Bookshelf link-up, go to your Bookshelf on KDP and find the book you want to link. Choose the option Link Existing (paperback or eBook). Search for the book you want to link in the pop-up box. Link books. 

You can also unlink books on the KDP Bookshelf. Choose the Unlink books option from the ellipsis button next to the book you want to unlink.

You’ll get a warning message asking if you are sure. Choose yes, you can always link them up again if you so desire.

Now the books will be listed separately on your KDP Bookshelf.

Assignment: Link your books.

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