Romance Writer’s Super Stack from Infostack

You know I love me a bundle, and this month, Infostack has one perfect for the newbie, experienced, or wanna-be romance writer! Read on for the deets…

The Romance Writer’s Super Stack is a complete collection of premium training, tools, and resources curated especially to help you craft a page-turning romance, build heart-pounding tension, and create swoon-worthy characters.

With one click, get lifetime access to premium resources that will show you how to:

Write Sweet to Spicy Romances (And Everything In Between!) 

  • Become a Famous Romance Author by Lisa Daily ($9.99 Value)
  • The Beginners Guide to Writing Romance by Romy Sommer ($3.99 Value)
  • How to Write Scenes with Sex Mini Course by Dr. Donna Jennings ($25 Value)
  • Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets by Julie Lessman ($3.99 Value)
  • The Six Foundational Elements of Romance Fiction by Jessica Snyder ($49 Value)
  • Writing Reverse Harem Romance for Fun & Money by Steff Green ($10 Value)
  • Strategic Series Author: Plan, Write and Publish a Series to Maximize Readership & Income by Crystal Hunt ($9.99 Value)

Craft Romance Characters and Stories Readers Will Love 

  • Masterclass: The Two Things Every Scene Needs by Kris Kennedy ($129 Value)
  • Character Arc Sparker Worksheet by Megan Fuentes ($3.99 Value)
  • Easy Plotting & First Draft Planner by Iris Marsh ($12 Value)
  • The First Chapter Challenge by Rebecca Hamilton ($99 Value)
  • Understanding Conflict (And What it Really Means) by Janice Hardy ($3.99 Value)
  • The Eight Crafts of Writing: The Map of Storytelling by Stefan Emunds ($9.98 Value)
  • Story Fundamentals #1: The Basics by Libby M Iriks ($60 Value)
  • Creating Characters: The Write It Right Series by Tristi Pinkston ($2.99 Value)

And much more…

Plus, you get six exciting exclusive bonuses, including: 

3 Months Subscription to Fictionary Storyteller – The most effective online tool to help you enhance your story by automatically creating powerful visuals of your story arc, scenes, and POVs so you can quickly see any structural issues and how to improve them ($57 Value)


  • The ultimate coaching resource to perfect your book pitch so you can make a powerful impact on agents, publishers, and media professionals ($100 Value)
  • A free strategy coaching call to create a customized plan to publish your romance novel with a USA Today bestselling author ($100 Value)

Best of all, the Romance Writer’s Super Stack comes with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction promise. I wouldn’t want you to be stuck with anything you feel isn’t right for you, so if you decide it’s not for you during those 60 days, you’ll get a full refund. No risk at all!

Don’t wait too long to decide, though! The Romance Wrtier’s Super Stack is only available from April 4 – 11.

Ready to publish your first (or next) kids’ book?

Perhaps you have experienced something in your life that would add value to a child’s development and understanding of the world. With a children’s book, you can open a child’s mind to important issues and help to prepare them for their life journey.

A story can safely take children out of their inner world and open their hearts to experience kindness, empathy, and compassion for themselves and others. Stories can also help them to understand in gentle terms complex subjects like death, divorce, and where babies come from.

If you are ready to publish your children’s book then you won’t want to miss out on this bundle of goodies!

Infostack’s KidLit Creators 2.0 is the ultimate collection of tools, training, and resources for authors who want to write and publish children’s books.

In one click, you get lifetime access to premium KidLit products like:

  • How to Self-Publish a Picture Book by Connie B. Dowell
  • Mastering the Elements of Middle-Grade Fiction by Kiri Jorgensen
  • Writing for Children’s Magazines by Laura Backes
  • Big Ideas for Children’s Books!: The Essential Guide to Developing Ideas of Impact for Your Next Bestselling Children’s Book by Alex Peart-Johnson
  • How to Break Into Publishing Through the Educational Market by Carol Kim
  • Kidlit Publishing 101 by Brooke Van Sickle
  • Children’s Picture Book Creation Masterclass by Kate Stead

And you’ll get 12 months of access to exclusive bonuses like:

  • Picture Book Manuscript Assessment Discount and Bonus Course by Suzanne Barton. Get your picture book out of the slush pile and into the limelight with a comprehensive manuscript assessment, plus enjoy full access to her course that covers every aspect of writing and creating picture books.
  • Masterclass: How to get stunning book illustrations that tell your story for less by Karen Ferreira. Learn how you can create a well-planned & beautiful illustrated book within your budget.
  • Jackie’s Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service (100% off your first hour’s edit) by Jackie Hosking. Jackie’s editing service will help you to tighten your meter so that your rhyming stories and poems will sing.


  • 50% Discount on 1000 Storybooks Complete Children’s Book Publishing Package where you can turn 14 short paragraphs you’ve written into a perfectly edited, dynamic children’s picture book in eBook, paperback, and hardcover on par with the industry’s best and ready to compete in the children’s book market! 

Infostack offers a risk-free 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you have a ton of time to go through everything and see for yourself how great a deal this is…with zero risk!

Don’t wait though! This stack of writer’s tips and tools is only available from July 19-26.

Free Webinar for writers

Have you wondered how to keep writing consistently even when you have no idea what to actually write?

Marion Roach Smith is a sought-after author and writing coach who has learned how to productively write — even on those hard days.

Marion is the author of four mass-market books published by some of the largest firms in the world. A former staffer at The New York Times, she’s written for Vogue, Prevention, The Daily News, Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living, Discover, and The Los Angeles Times. She also runs a writing lab called The Memoir Project and teaches writing worldwide.

My friends at Ultimate Bundles teamed up with Marion to bring you a free webinar called 5 ways to become a more productive writer on Monday, January 24th at 12:30 pm Eastern.

In her free class, you’ll learn:

  • The secret to developing a daily writing habit
  • How to keep writing on days when you feel stuck
  • Why productive writing starts with a simple algorithm
  • What you must do before you start writing anything
  • How to end every writing session to set yourself up for success

I hope we’ll see you there! Just register for the free webinar here.