National Coloring Book Day

In honor of National Coloring Book Day, August 2, The History of Moroleon for Kids is FREE at Amazon for the next few days! Learn about Moroleon, Guanajuato, Mexico through a lively cartoon conversation. Pick up your FREE copy today!

Surviving Voluntary Exile: How to overcome common obstacles to making a successful life transition

Surviving Voluntary Exile: How to overcome common obstacles to making a successful life transition is now available in ebook and print format. The ebook has all the basic information and links to the optional readings, while the print book has journal pages for you to complete the activities that will help you create your best life in your adopted country.

The ebook version is available for FREE for the next few days. Get your copy here!

The original course is still available and is a great option for those who want the interaction of a supportive community as they work through the lessons. In celebration of the release of the book format, the course is also on sale today.  

A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare by C.E. Flores

healthcare cover

A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare is finally ready for release. The book covers the basics of the Mexican national healthcare system as it stands now, the reality of sexual assault, femicide, and abuse in Mexico, the role of the traditional curandera, and herbal remedies as alternative healing practices. Women living in all parts of Mexico (and Guatemala) candidly shared their health and wellness experiences so that other women will be better informed.

It is my hope that this book in some way empowers women who have moved to Mexico to have some measure control of their own healing. You can get it free at Amazon for the next few days.

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Free Travel Book In Honor of Virtual Vacation Day

Surviving Mexico and the SOTB Bloggers group are pleased to present you with your passport to your Virtual Vacation in Mexico in honor of Virtual Vacation Day!

Playing Tourist is a compilation of 45 travel adventures across Mexico, from the tiniest towns to the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City.

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Read an E-Book Week March 3-9

In celebration of Read an E-book Week, March 3-9, you can get La Yacata Revolution: How Not to Buy a Piece of Heaven in Mexico free from Amazon for the next few days.  

What other ebooks do you plan to read this week?

A to Z Reasons Why La Yacata is the Place to Be in Any Disaster: A Prepper’s Guide to Mexico

A to Z reasons why La Yacata is the Best Place to be in Any Disaster discusses common natural and man-made crisis situations found in Mexico. Not only will you read about which disasters you may encounter while in Mexico but you will learn strategies to both prepare and survive these SHTF incidents. Armed with this information you will be better able to determine if Mexico is your ultimate bug-out destination when things go bad in the U.S.

A reluctant Prepper, C.E. Flores examines more than two dozen TEOTWAWKI scenarios and effectively presents historical and contemporary information to best equip you for survival in Mexico.

If you are at all considering Mexico as a future residence, you should read this Preppers Guide to Mexico to learn why C.E. Flores fully supports creating a full and satisfying life, despite the dangers, south of the border.

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Reviews on Goodreads

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A Woman’s Survival Guide to Holidays in Mexico

What do you really know about Mexican holidays? A Woman’s Survival Guide to Holidays in Mexico is a comprehensive guidebook to Mexican celebrations. It answers how, when, and why these festivities are observed not from abstract research, but personal experience. Because moving to a new country can be daunting, learning about the patriotic, religious and civil festival days will help you understand some of what makes up the Mexican culture and allow you to become more fully immersed in the amazingly diverse world of Mexico. Viva!

Reviews on Amazon

I have recently moved to Mexico and while I love the holidays and celebrations, I find them confusing. This book has all the answers to my questions! –MM

Reviews on Goodreads

If you are as fascinated with Mexico as I am or if you’re dreaming about making a move, this is an incredible resource to add to your collection. I love this book because it not only tells you everything you need to know about each Mexican holiday, the author also shares some personal stories which makes it more relatable to readers. I personally love reading various traditions and how they came about; for example, why do Mexicans eat 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve? I’m not telling but I can assure you, I’m going to be buying some grapes this holiday season 😄 I give this book five stars and highly recommend it. –Mima

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A Day in the Life…

A Day in the life... cover

Nine brave women share their stories about how their daily lives have changed since moving to Mexico.

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La Yacata Revolution: How NOT to Buy a Piece of Heaven in Mexico

So you have big dreams of buying a few acres in Mexico and living the good life? There’s more to living in Mexico than you might imagine. In a land where everybody’s finger is in the pie, it’s hard to find the proper channels to get basic services like water, sewage, and electricity installed. When one community has had enough, they staged a coup and launched La Yacata Revolution. Follow along with their attempts to restructure the Mexican political system in microcosm. Viva!

Reviews on Amazon.

This book is a fascinating, informative, Must-read for anyone interested in investing in or just learning about Mexico. The daily trials, frustrating legal machinations, and colorful characters are endemic to rural life in Mexico. Flores manages to create an easy to follow account of a convoluted–but typical– Mexican experience. A delightful account of Mexico’s daily life. Excellent. —Kenneth J. Lillo

Reviews on Goodreads.

This book had me smacking my head going OMG and chuckling along the way. I could relate to certain parts due to living in Mexico but we are more urban than the author and this is where the dynamics change. Hope to see more of the Authors adventures. –Lynne DeSantis

The author tells the struggles she has endured as a property owner and as the treasurer of the homeowner´s association. She is honest and humorous in her stories. She is a strong gringa in a machisimo world to survive the tales. Hats off to the author and her family. I enjoyed reading her stories. — Fiona

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