Writing Challenge 2023 May Update

I spent some time marketing this month, although I assume that the results aren’t immediate since I’ve had dismal book sales. Be that as it may…

Did you see the video I did with Toni Lontis?

What about the book feature in The Edge Magazine?

I also fiddled around with getting some books in a physical (or rather a metaphysical) store in North Dakota. Here’s my highlight from SOS Holistic Healing Center.

Between these little bouts of promotion, I focused on editing Herb book #4. I did two full edits and have just the formatting and appendix to finish up. Look for a June launch! 

I also have the coloring book in PDF form, which you can get from the shop!

Since I’m so close I can taste it, I’m going to keep plugging away on the herb book. Whatever time is left this month will be devoted to the shopping in rural Mexico manuscript.

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