Love on Thin Ice 3 – Healing by Vallean Jackson

Love on Thin Ice 3 – Healing by Vallean Jackson is the third book in the Love on Thin Ice series. 

Briefly, the main characters and their relationships are as follows:

Keiontay believed that Ginger’s daughter was his but discovered that Kaleigh was Tarven’s child. Keiontay fathered Nolan with Nova but has not stepped up to the plate as a father. Morgan is Keiontay’s nurse and allows him to stay with her as he recovers from a stab wound.

Nova is doing the best she can for her son, Nolan. Omar is interested in becoming a permanent part of their family, but Nova hesitates to let him in.

Tarven and Keiontay were best friends until Ginger revealed that her daughter was biologically Tarven’s and not Keiontay’s. Tarven is working on creating a family with Ginger. However, Ginger is obsessed with Keiontay, suffering from depression and making life difficult for Nova. 

The most interesting aspect of this book for me was the level of introspection the characters were capable of. Keiontay and Tarven both could see that their behavior stemmed from incidents in their upbringing. Nova and Morgan were also able to understand the origin of the seemingly irresponsible actions of these men. These intertwining relationships illustrate the adage, “hurt people hurt people.” 

As the theme for this third book in the series is “healing,” the characters make transformative observations about their behavior. Some are able to make reparations, while others, although acknowledging the hurt they have caused, decide to move on without apology. 

This book has several explicit sex scenes and deals with domestic and drug-related violence, so it may not be for everyone. Additionally, because of the amount of introspection, sections can be confusing if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, although Love on Thin Ice 3 – Healing can be read as a stand-alone.

I received an ARC from the author.

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