February 2023 Writing Challenge Update

So here’s how I did in January:

  • Goal #1 Herb book #4. I did not finish this. However, I need just four more herb studies for an even 30 and publication, so I’m getting there. 
  • Goal #2 Mexican Wellness Garden book. I started making infographics of the plants I want to include.
  • Goal #3 Spanish cold & flu book is FINISHED! Look for an announcement later this month about that. 
  • Goal #4 Women’s health apothecary is slow going. For every herb I research, there are three more that I’ve never heard of. 
  • Goal #5 Herb coloring book–didn’t even get to this one this month. 

With February comes a new focus, the Woman’s Survival Guide series. I haven’t put out a new one in this series in a few years. 

The series to date

First I’d like to start with the shopping guide. Believe it or not, there are precious few shopping centers in rural Mexico! The draft is done for this, but it needs some serious editing.

I have been trying to come up with a move-to-Mexico guide for quite some time. I have a few chapters written and some ideas outlined, but this one will need some major work.

I’m not sure if the topic of raising a family should be in a new book or part of the move-to-Mexico guide, but I at least need to work on it to figure that out. 

A Woman’s Survival Guide to Mexican Healthcare hasn’t been updated since 2019, so that’s also in the lineup. 

I don’t expect to have all four books done this month, but I’d like to have them at least moving along toward completion. And here we go!!!

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