Todd by Adam J. Nicolai

One day, everyone in Alan’s life is gone. Everyone in Alan’s neighborhood is gone. Everyone in Alan’s state is gone. Everyone except Alan and his 8-year-old son Todd. Alan, an unemployed would-be entrepreneur suffering from depression, is not the man his son needs him to be in this TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As You Know It) scenario. 

Alan has not stockpiled for a doomsday event. He has not learned basic survival skills. He makes mistake after mistake as he struggles to keep himself and his son alive. Then he spots the blue blur and the approaching asteroid. 

This is the end-of-the-world survival book to end all books. The hero in our story isn’t a former special-ops military genus. Nor is he a self-sufficient hermit already prepping to the hilt. No, our guy is a loser from the suburbs, with no survival skills whatsoever with an 8-year-old boy tagging along.

I absolutely loved this book. I mean, what would you do if your toilet stopped working? Would you go about constructing an outhouse or start pooping in the neighbor’s living room? What about when your food supplies became covered in deadly blue moss? What would you do then? With winter approaching, would you stay in Minnesota or try to head south? How far south? Is Iowa far enough? With the power out, would you know enough to start a fire to cook food and stay warm? Would you know how to ventilate the room or to move the blanket far enough away so that it doesn’t catch fire? If you went on the road, what would you take and what would you leave behind? What about those blurs? How would you handle injuries? Do you know how to dress a wound?

If you want an amazing SHTF read with a bit of science fiction thrown in to lessen the predictability, then Todd by Adam J. Nicolai is the book for you!

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