April 2021 Virtual Book Tour — Kimberly H. Smith

About the Author

Kimberly H. Smith is an imaginative writer born and raised in south Louisiana. The former aspiring actress with a B.A. in Theatre never expected her minor in Mass Communications to be the passion that she would embrace. She stays busy with her blog, Being A Wordsmith, and penning freelance articles and reviews. “I survived chickenpox, Catholic school, cancer, and childbirth.”

Her debut novel, Acting On Her Behalf, is a suspenseful tale of murder, love, and secrets. She currently lives in the Kansas City area where she enjoys belly laughs with her husband and her teenage son.

Acting On Her Behalf

Colby Crenshaw, a beautiful TV and film actress, is arrested on live television for killing her longtime best friend, Sharon Darcy. Sharon had lots of secrets that are revealed as Colby finds herself in jail awaiting trial. Malcolm Morrow, a high profile Beverly Hills attorney, comes to Colby’s aid to defend her against the devastating charges. They are immediately attracted to each other despite the unusual circumstances. Malcolm becomes more determined than ever to exonerate Colby when her highly publicized arrest has friends and family turning against her. Colby is tested as her world crumbles around her. Malcolm may be Colby’s only chance at regaining her life and her freedom while acting on her behalf.

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