Buy Me A Coffee for Authors

Although I joined the Buy Me A Coffee platform some time ago, I recently sprinkled additional buttons on my website. As an author, you can offer readers a way to show their support without being pushy about it.

Buy Me a Coffee is used by more than 200,000. Readers can support their favorite writer by buying virtual “coffees” (which is a small cash donation to further creative endeavors). 

In addition, you can find “extras” on you Buy Me a Coffee homepage. Here you can offer ebooks, drawings, or even schedule a zoom meeting free of charge or for a small donation.

Buy Me a Coffee also has a membership option. This would be for people who would like to become a “patron of the arts” and provide regular support for creatives. Authors and artists can provide exclusive content for their patrons in this section. Think of sample chapters, or book cover reveals.

WAAAAY down at the bottom of the page.

There is also a “share” option at the very bottom of the page. Since the more readers you reach, the more people have access to the useful content you create, this is a nice way to increase your exposure and doesn’t cost a cent.  

So there you have it. You’ll see green Buy Me a Coffee buttons on Surviving Mexico and blue on Content Creative, in case you have a mind to provide a little “coffee” motivation! 

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