The Ideal Mexican Lifestyle Challenge Workbook

Are you thinking of making the move to Mexico? Have you done your homework? Not yet? Well, then the The Ideal Mexican Lifestyle Challenge Workbook by Jennifer Robin Lee is what you need!

Although it’s designed to complement the eCourse with the same name, it can be used entirely independently. I should know. I was a contributor and editor!

Included in the workbook are the activities Getting Clear on What You Want to Achieve, Creating your Conditions of Satisfaction, Your Project Plan and The Next Steps which are all designed to help you create a plan for finding your dream life in Mexico.

Now only that, but you’ll find featured interviews from Judy King, Meg Moulton, Daniel Gair, and Krish Yadav to provide just the inspiration you need to start your plan to move to Mexico today!

So if you are even toying with the idea of moving to Mexico, then be sure to pick up your copy of The Ideal Mexican Lifestyle Challenge Workbook and get busy planning your new life!

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