Launch Your Dream by Dale Partridge

launch your dream

So how do you get from just dreaming about what you want from life to actually doing something about it?  Launch Your Dream by Dale Partridge gives you 30 days of activities specifically geared to help you set up your own business and develop a sustainable lifestyle in the process.  This step by step approach will assist you in having it all, including meaningful work, a balanced family life, and adequate income to maintain each aspect.

I have to admit, I highlighted huge sections of the book. There were so many points I wanted to incorporate into my life, that I had to reread the book a second time, paying special attention to the text I had marked.  What stood out for me was the systematic debunking of certain “follow your dream” myths.  The top 10 incorrect beliefs are as follows:

Myth #1

Working for someone else is more stable than being self-employed.

Myth #2

Anyone can work for themselves.

Myth #3

It’s a simple matter of discovering what you are passionate about and doing it.

Myth #4

Self-employment is the gateway to wealth.

Myth #5

Failure should be avoided at all costs.

Myth #6

The number one reason people don’t start their own business is a lack of funds.

Myth #7

Only the young and hip are successful entrepreneurs.

Myth #8

Working for yourself means no more free time.

Myth #9

To be successful, one must be ruthless.

Myth #10

If you build it, they will come.


Once I was convinced that I, too, could become a successful entrepreneur, it was time to break it down into segments.  The bottom line, which totally amazed me, was when looking at your proposed business, or at your current life, you are not the hero, but the guide.  With the self-absorption prevalent in modern society, it takes a bit of a mental stretch to wrap your mind around this concept.  Your purpose in creating a business, any business, is to provide assistance to others so that your customers can triumph.  Your role, whether you provide a physical product or not, is that of service. Starting with this foundation, the sky’s the limit.

5 star

See reviews here. Get your copy of this book here. Dave Partridge also runs a business start-up workshop on which this book was based.

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