La Yacata Revolution: How NOT to Buy a Piece of Heaven in Mexico

So you have big dreams of buying a few acres in Mexico and living the good life? There’s more to living in Mexico than you might imagine. In a land where everybody’s finger is in the pie, it’s hard to find the proper channels to get basic services like water, sewage, and electricity installed. When one community has had enough, they staged a coup and launched La Yacata Revolution. Follow along with their attempts to restructure the Mexican political system in microcosm. Viva!

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This book is a fascinating, informative, Must-read for anyone interested in investing in or just learning about Mexico. The daily trials, frustrating legal machinations, and colorful characters are endemic to rural life in Mexico. Flores manages to create an easy to follow account of a convoluted–but typical– Mexican experience. A delightful account of Mexico’s daily life. Excellent. —Kenneth J. Lillo

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This book had me smacking my head going OMG and chuckling along the way. I could relate to certain parts due to living in Mexico but we are more urban than the author and this is where the dynamics change. Hope to see more of the Authors adventures. –Lynne DeSantis

The author tells the struggles she has endured as a property owner and as the treasurer of the homeowner´s association. She is honest and humorous in her stories. She is a strong gringa in a machisimo world to survive the tales. Hats off to the author and her family. I enjoyed reading her stories. — Fiona

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