Blog to Book Project — Lending on Amazon

Lending for Kindle

Any digital book that has been purchased on can be lent to another person for 14 days. All Kindle Direct Publishing titles are enrolled by default. 

If you have chosen the 35% royalty option for your book, you’ll have the option to opt out of this service. If your book is enrolled in the 70% royalty payout, then you can not opt out. 

Loans are not considered purchases, so you do not receive any royalties for titles someone has lent another person. 

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Readers who have an Amazon Prime membership can also borrow books through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL). Books that are enrolled in KOLL have an Amazon Prime badge on the detail page. 

Qualifying readers can choose one title per month to read for free. That book is available to the borrower for as long as they like while they are enrolled in Amazon Prime. 

KDP Select titles are automatically included in KOLL. You receive royalties based on the number of pages a customer reads for the first time. If the borrower rereads your book, you will not receive any royalties for the second reading. 

You can see your royalties for KOLL pages read under the reports section of your KDP page along with the Kindle Unlimited information.

Assignment: Check to make sure your book is enrolled in the Lending Library. Also, find where you can keep track of your KOLL royalties from your KDP page.