Romance Writer’s Super Stack from Infostack

You know I love me a bundle, and this month, Infostack has one perfect for the newbie, experienced, or wanna-be romance writer! Read on for the deets…

The Romance Writer’s Super Stack is a complete collection of premium training, tools, and resources curated especially to help you craft a page-turning romance, build heart-pounding tension, and create swoon-worthy characters.

With one click, get lifetime access to premium resources that will show you how to:

Write Sweet to Spicy Romances (And Everything In Between!) 

  • Become a Famous Romance Author by Lisa Daily ($9.99 Value)
  • The Beginners Guide to Writing Romance by Romy Sommer ($3.99 Value)
  • How to Write Scenes with Sex Mini Course by Dr. Donna Jennings ($25 Value)
  • Romance-ology 101: Writing Romantic Tension for the Inspirational and Sweet Markets by Julie Lessman ($3.99 Value)
  • The Six Foundational Elements of Romance Fiction by Jessica Snyder ($49 Value)
  • Writing Reverse Harem Romance for Fun & Money by Steff Green ($10 Value)
  • Strategic Series Author: Plan, Write and Publish a Series to Maximize Readership & Income by Crystal Hunt ($9.99 Value)

Craft Romance Characters and Stories Readers Will Love 

  • Masterclass: The Two Things Every Scene Needs by Kris Kennedy ($129 Value)
  • Character Arc Sparker Worksheet by Megan Fuentes ($3.99 Value)
  • Easy Plotting & First Draft Planner by Iris Marsh ($12 Value)
  • The First Chapter Challenge by Rebecca Hamilton ($99 Value)
  • Understanding Conflict (And What it Really Means) by Janice Hardy ($3.99 Value)
  • The Eight Crafts of Writing: The Map of Storytelling by Stefan Emunds ($9.98 Value)
  • Story Fundamentals #1: The Basics by Libby M Iriks ($60 Value)
  • Creating Characters: The Write It Right Series by Tristi Pinkston ($2.99 Value)

And much more…

Plus, you get six exciting exclusive bonuses, including: 

3 Months Subscription to Fictionary Storyteller – The most effective online tool to help you enhance your story by automatically creating powerful visuals of your story arc, scenes, and POVs so you can quickly see any structural issues and how to improve them ($57 Value)


  • The ultimate coaching resource to perfect your book pitch so you can make a powerful impact on agents, publishers, and media professionals ($100 Value)
  • A free strategy coaching call to create a customized plan to publish your romance novel with a USA Today bestselling author ($100 Value)

Best of all, the Romance Writer’s Super Stack comes with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction promise. I wouldn’t want you to be stuck with anything you feel isn’t right for you, so if you decide it’s not for you during those 60 days, you’ll get a full refund. No risk at all!

Don’t wait too long to decide, though! The Romance Wrtier’s Super Stack is only available from April 4 – 11.

Children’s Picture Book Day and KidLit Creators 3.0

To all the talented authors out there who have a passion for writing children’s picture books, happy Children’s Picture Book Day! Today is the perfect opportunity to take the first step toward making your dream a reality.

Writing a children’s picture book is a unique and rewarding opportunity to ignite a love for reading in young audiences and captivate their imaginations. By crafting stories that inspire, entertain, and educate, you have the power to make a lasting impact on a child’s life and help them develop a lifelong love for literature.

Here are five reasons you need to write a children’s book:

  • Your individual experiences, perspectives, and ideas hold tremendous power to inspire and empower children across the globe. By crafting a book for young readers, you have the ability to not only share your story but also ignite their imaginations and make a positive impact on their lives. Your words have the potential to touch young hearts in ways you may have needed when you were growing up.
  • Writing a children’s book demands a boundless imagination, exceptional creativity, and the courage to take risks. Don’t be afraid to push the limits of your imagination and challenge yourself creatively – the end result may surprise and delight you. 
  • Writing a book is a dynamic and fulfilling mode of self-expression. It empowers you to communicate your thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a way that is both personal and universal. In fact, many writers consider the process of creating a book to be therapeutic, providing an outlet for their feelings and a means of exploring their innermost thoughts. 
  • If writing a children’s book has been a lifelong dream of yours, then pushing through the obstacles and completing your book can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. It’s an achievement that you can be proud of forever, not to mention the possibility of new doors opening for your career. 
  • Writing a children’s book can have a profound and enduring impact on the lives of young readers. Your words and stories have the potential to inspire, educate, and entertain children and even alter the way they perceive the world around them. By persevering through obstacles and completing your book, you hold the power to make a lasting difference in the lives of others. You may ignite a love for reading, spark a child’s imagination, or offer a message of hope and empowerment that resonates for years to come. 

So, whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out, today is the perfect day to channel your inner child and let your imagination run wild because I have the BEST deal for you! 

KidLit Creators 3.0 from Infostack is the ultimate resource for bringing your dream of writing a children’s book to life. This comprehensive bundle offers everything you need to create captivating chapter books and picture books that both kids and adults will love to read. 

You’ll receive valuable tips and strategies on crafting engaging stories that resonate with young readers, along with expert guidance on illustrating your book using watercolors. With step-by-step instruction and live “paint alongs,” you’ll be able to bring your characters and stories to life in stunning detail. Additionally, KidLit Creators 3.0 provides you with expert advice on optimizing your website to drive action and engage readers.

Let’s celebrate Children’s Picture Book Day by unleashing our creativity and crafting stories that will inspire and captivate a new generation of readers! Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting out, now is the perfect time to pick up your pen and get writing. And if you’re looking for expert guidance and valuable resources to help bring your ideas to life, don’t forget to check out KidLit Creators 3.0 from Infostack.

Ready to publish your first (or next) kids’ book?

Perhaps you have experienced something in your life that would add value to a child’s development and understanding of the world. With a children’s book, you can open a child’s mind to important issues and help to prepare them for their life journey.

A story can safely take children out of their inner world and open their hearts to experience kindness, empathy, and compassion for themselves and others. Stories can also help them to understand in gentle terms complex subjects like death, divorce, and where babies come from.

If you are ready to publish your children’s book then you won’t want to miss out on this bundle of goodies!

Infostack’s KidLit Creators 2.0 is the ultimate collection of tools, training, and resources for authors who want to write and publish children’s books.

In one click, you get lifetime access to premium KidLit products like:

  • How to Self-Publish a Picture Book by Connie B. Dowell
  • Mastering the Elements of Middle-Grade Fiction by Kiri Jorgensen
  • Writing for Children’s Magazines by Laura Backes
  • Big Ideas for Children’s Books!: The Essential Guide to Developing Ideas of Impact for Your Next Bestselling Children’s Book by Alex Peart-Johnson
  • How to Break Into Publishing Through the Educational Market by Carol Kim
  • Kidlit Publishing 101 by Brooke Van Sickle
  • Children’s Picture Book Creation Masterclass by Kate Stead

And you’ll get 12 months of access to exclusive bonuses like:

  • Picture Book Manuscript Assessment Discount and Bonus Course by Suzanne Barton. Get your picture book out of the slush pile and into the limelight with a comprehensive manuscript assessment, plus enjoy full access to her course that covers every aspect of writing and creating picture books.
  • Masterclass: How to get stunning book illustrations that tell your story for less by Karen Ferreira. Learn how you can create a well-planned & beautiful illustrated book within your budget.
  • Jackie’s Rhyming Manuscript Editing Service (100% off your first hour’s edit) by Jackie Hosking. Jackie’s editing service will help you to tighten your meter so that your rhyming stories and poems will sing.


  • 50% Discount on 1000 Storybooks Complete Children’s Book Publishing Package where you can turn 14 short paragraphs you’ve written into a perfectly edited, dynamic children’s picture book in eBook, paperback, and hardcover on par with the industry’s best and ready to compete in the children’s book market! 

Infostack offers a risk-free 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you have a ton of time to go through everything and see for yourself how great a deal this is…with zero risk!

Don’t wait though! This stack of writer’s tips and tools is only available from July 19-26.

Tools for Writers

If you remember, I’ve already mentioned that Infostack’s Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack is on sale from June 7 – 12. Write Publish Profit 5.0 is packed with all the premium tools and resources you need to help you write and edit your book with skill, get the kind of feedback and support writers crave, show you step-by-step how to self-publish and launch your book to bestseller status on Amazon plus build your author brand and market your books like a pro.

Valued at more than $6,500+, you’ll get 50+ world-class writing and self-publishing tools, resources, and products for just $67.

But there’s more!!

The Write Publish Profit 5.0 Platinum Edition includes everything the regular edition does, plus almost a dozen unique bonuses, including:

  • an 8-week live revision workshop
  • 6-month extended free trials to writing memberships and software like Dabble and Scribophile
  • done-for-you services like book cover design
  • and much more

So if you’re ready to: 

  • Turn your novel into a bestseller with a proven step-by-step roadmap
  • Launch (or re-launch) your books to #1 Best-Seller on Amazon
  • Perfect your manuscript and have it ready to sell in just two weeks 

Then Infostack’s Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack Platinum edition is exactly what you need. Act fast because this deal expires on Tuesday, June 14th at 11:59 pm EDT.

If you still aren’t sure it’s worth the investment, I want to assure you that your purchase is backed by Infostack’s ironclad 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can explore everything and take your time deciding if it’s right for you.

But wait, there’s more!!!

Just out today! The 2022 Writer’s Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles has 41 eBooks, eCourses, and printables on polishing your writing skills, growing your platform, and publishing your book worth over $4,000 and nearly $700 in bonuses. It’s available until June 15. 

Countdown Timer

So really, there are no more excuses. It’s time to get organized and get that novel, memoir, non-fiction, or children’s book written! Between these two amazing compilations, you have everything you need!


As an affiliate contributor of these two collections, I receive a commission when you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you.

Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack from Infostack

If you remember, a few months ago, I launched Self-Publishing for Beginners via Teachable. My goal was to provide a resource for aspiring writers to learn about the ins and out of self-publishing without being overwhelmed. Well, much to my delight, one of my courses, A Beginner’s Guide to Book Marketing on a Budget, is included in Infostack’s Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack, available June 7-12.

What is Infostack?

Before sharing the tidbits I’m most excited about, I thought I’d give you some information about Infostack itself. Infostack is a platform that curates the best of the best eBooks, apps, membership sites, and courses on select topics and offers them in a “Super Stack” for a limited time at a deeply discounted price. Topics in the past have included healthy living, writing tools, side hustles and entrepreneurship, and even cryptocurrency. 

You have access to all the neat little items for 12 months for a one-time fee. Since Infostack offers a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s no risk. If you find that the Super Stack isn’t for you, you can request a refund up to 60 days after you purchase it. 

Unlike other bundle companies, once the Infostack Super Stack sale is over, it really is over. There are no flash sales or repeats. So if you are interested in an Infostack, you need to get it while it’s available. If a particular topic is popular, Infostack may create a new Super Stack. Upcoming stacks include Keto Lifestyle 4.0, Side Hustle Toolbox 4.0, The Ultimate Crypto, The KidLit Creators 2.0, The Kick Sugar Super Stack, and, of course, Write Publish Profit 5.0 that I’m a part of.

What is included in the Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack from Infostack? 

As a writer, I’m itching to dive into the other Super Stack contributions. I’ve been allowed a “sneak peek,” as it were, and here are some of the items that have caught my eye.

The Author Essentials Planner from Yolanda Allen promises to be the only business planner you’ll ever need for your writing career. Whoop! Send it to me, baby! Then there is a 50% off coupon for that I’m looking forward to checking out. You know that my friend Claudia Guzes normally does all my illustrations, and that won’t change. But, I do need some help with the layout. 

Beth Barney is offering a Clarity and Changework session for creative writers. Bet you didn’t know book coaching was a thing? Well, it is. And the sessions that I’ve been able to attend from various coaches have been truly beneficial, both to me as a writer and in honing my writing process and skills. 

Then Candace Havens has a workshop entitled Revision Hell. Let me tell you, the editing process is nothing to sneeze at. I am guilty of putting it off and putting it off and putting it off, which means my manuscripts (yes, in plural) lay languishing in the cloud unpublished for ages.

Blogging 105: 105 Ways to Blog and Podcast as an Author, An Expert, and a Real Person by John Kremer sounds exactly what I need to get a boost at Creative Teachings (, my official author platform. 

That’s really only the tip of the iceberg. There are 40 contributors (plus yours truly) providing over $5,000 of valuable content, courses, and tools. There is literally everything you need to help you get your book ready for publication, whether you write fiction or non-fiction. 

How do I get access to Write Publish Profit 5.0?

I’m so glad you asked. Starting today, June 7, until June 12, you can get Write Publish Profit 5.0 from Infostack’s site. It really is an amazing deal! If it’s just the thing for you, head on over to the main sales page and take a closer look at what it provides. 

How else can I get involved?

If you aren’t a writer or are looking for another way to hitch your wagon to Infostack, you can become an affiliate, become a contributor, or check out the current and upcoming Infostack deals. 

Are you a blogger or influencer? Would one of the upcoming Infostack collections be perfect for your followers? Then sign up to be an affiliate! Other topics that just might evolve into a Super Stack include coaching, survival and prepping, homeschooling, programming, yoga, productivity, and mindset. You can apply to become an affiliate here.

In addition to being an affiliate, you can partner up with Infostack as a contributor, as I’ve done for Write Publish Profit 5.0. As a contributor, your reach expands colossally because Super Stacks typically are seen by more than 350,000+ email subscribers per campaign. Additionally, Infostack gives you a 70% commission on Super Stacks tracked to your unique affiliate link. You’ll also get 20% on special offers and upgrades made through your tracked code. 

And finally, you can check out the current Infostack deals. Save beaucoup bucks on eCourses, eBooks, audio downloads, memberships, workshops, templates, and training programs by buying through Infostack. You can visit the Deal Page regularly for the latest or sign up for the Infostack New Release Newsletter so as not to miss a deal.


Whew! That was a lot of information. Let’s do a quick recap.

  • Infostack is a platform that curates the best of the best eBooks, apps, membership sites, and courses on select topics and offers them in a “Super Stack” for a limited time at a deeply discounted price.
  • Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack is available June 7 – 12, 2022. It has over 40 contributors with products worth over $5,000.
  • You can sign up to be an affiliate and earn commissions on upcoming Super Stacks.
  • You can partner up with Infostack as a contributor and get your product in front of thousands of potential buyers. 
  • You can sign up for the Infostack New Release Newsletter and get updates when new fabulous deals are available. 

Quality and value, all for a low, low price, is what you’ll find at Infostack.

As an affiliate contributor, I receive a commission if you purchase Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack through my link at no extra cost to you.

Free Ebooks for Writers

So who doesn’t love free books? Here’s what we’ve got especially for writers.

Today is the last day to get the FREE ebook from Ultimate Bundles: Writing Wisdoms: 26 Brilliant Tips from Successful, Professional Writers. In it you’ll find the answer to the question:

What is the #1 piece of writing advice you’ve ever received?

If you are dying to know, then hurry and pick up a copy before the offer expires!

Next up, Infostack has a free ebook for writers too! In preparation for the Write Publish Profit 5.0 Super Stack, you can download Your Hero’s Journey: Overcome The Dragons Of Dread, Doubt, And Defeat, And Release Your Creative Power As A Writer.

With a title like that, who can pass this FREE ebook up?

And finally, there are a few more days to enter to win 10 paperback books that belong on every writer’s shelf! The Ultimate Writer giveaway ends on June 6.

Ultimate Writer Giveaway

The team over at Infostack is giving away over $500+ in writing and editing software, coaching, $100 in Infostack credit (good towards their amazing bundles for writers), and more.

Plus, they’re giving away 10 books on writing every author should own, including:

1. The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maass

2. Story Genius by Lisa Cron

3. On Writing by Stephen King

4. Steering the Craft by Ursula Le Guin

5. Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer

6. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

7. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

8. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

9. Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

10. The Elements Of Style By William Strunk

The Grand Prize winner gets all 10 books plus $100 in Infostack credit, a 1-On-1 Coaching Call With A Certified Book Profits Accelerator Coach, 1 Year of Access to ProWritingAid Premium, and 1 Year Access to NovelFactory Premium.

The Second Place Winner still gets all 10 books. Not too shabby for a runner-up prize. You know I love books! 

If I were you, I’d head on over and enter today! The Ultimate Writer Giveaway starts May 24 and ends on June 6, with the winners announced on June 7.