Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico Featured in The Edge Magazine

I feel like I’m tooting my own horn quite a bit this month, but how can I not share the fact that the Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico series is featured in the April/May 2023 issue of The Edge Magazine

If you aren’t in an area where you can pick up a copy from a dropspot and you want to check out the other books featured this month, you can see the issue in the digital archives HERE.

And if you are an author or tarot/oracle card creative and want to be considered for a future issue feature (or if you know someone who is), then go ahead and fill out this form HERE:

The Author and Artist Hour featuring Camille Flores

I had an amazing author interview experience with Toni Lontis last month and I’d like to share the end result!

The first half of the interview is about my experiences as an American female expat and the books I wrote for the A Woman’s Survival Guide to Rural Mexico series. Then, the topic changed to herbs, and you already know that’s a subject that literally lights me up what with my plethera of herb books (4 in English, one is Spanish, and one in the works with a tenative June release date).

As an introvert, I find it hard to put myself out there and share a bit of myself. Heck, I even use two different pen names to hide behind as an author. But Toni made it easy for me to open up about the experiences that inspired some of the books I’ve written.

You can watch the interview on Youtube:

Or listen to it as a podcast:

Or watch it on the Everyday Women’s Network:

And for any authors that are brave enough to do a live international interview, I encourage you to book a time with Toni to see what she can do for you and your writing aspirations!

Romance Writer’s Super Stack from Infostack

You know I love me a bundle, and this month, Infostack has one perfect for the newbie, experienced, or wanna-be romance writer! Read on for the deets…

The Romance Writer’s Super Stack is a complete collection of premium training, tools, and resources curated especially to help you craft a page-turning romance, build heart-pounding tension, and create swoon-worthy characters.

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Craft Romance Characters and Stories Readers Will Love 

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And much more…

Plus, you get six exciting exclusive bonuses, including: 

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Don’t wait too long to decide, though! The Romance Wrtier’s Super Stack is only available from April 4 – 11.

April 2023 Writing Challenge Update

So I have to admit, I got caught up in the herbs this month and would have kept going and adding to Herb book #4, except I ran out of days in the month. As it stands, I have 50+ herbs researched and added to the first draft, and I need to stop there, although my list of herbs to research is still a mile long. 

In April, I’m going back to the shopping book. If you remember, I got hung up on taking new pictures to replace the poor-quality ones and didn’t get the draft edited. Since the rainy season is nigh, the added time crunch hopefully will be the incentive I need to get ‘er done this month. 

If all goes according to plan, which it seldom does, I’ll have two books ready for publishing by June.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some marketing and have increased my royalties a bit. Of course, just like anything else, I tend to use marketing as a form of procrastination, and the writing part gets left by the wayside. 

Sigh–the challenges of getting these pesky little books birthed!!!

Children’s Picture Book Day and KidLit Creators 3.0

To all the talented authors out there who have a passion for writing children’s picture books, happy Children’s Picture Book Day! Today is the perfect opportunity to take the first step toward making your dream a reality.

Writing a children’s picture book is a unique and rewarding opportunity to ignite a love for reading in young audiences and captivate their imaginations. By crafting stories that inspire, entertain, and educate, you have the power to make a lasting impact on a child’s life and help them develop a lifelong love for literature.

Here are five reasons you need to write a children’s book:

  • Your individual experiences, perspectives, and ideas hold tremendous power to inspire and empower children across the globe. By crafting a book for young readers, you have the ability to not only share your story but also ignite their imaginations and make a positive impact on their lives. Your words have the potential to touch young hearts in ways you may have needed when you were growing up.
  • Writing a children’s book demands a boundless imagination, exceptional creativity, and the courage to take risks. Don’t be afraid to push the limits of your imagination and challenge yourself creatively – the end result may surprise and delight you. 
  • Writing a book is a dynamic and fulfilling mode of self-expression. It empowers you to communicate your thoughts, emotions, and ideas in a way that is both personal and universal. In fact, many writers consider the process of creating a book to be therapeutic, providing an outlet for their feelings and a means of exploring their innermost thoughts. 
  • If writing a children’s book has been a lifelong dream of yours, then pushing through the obstacles and completing your book can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. It’s an achievement that you can be proud of forever, not to mention the possibility of new doors opening for your career. 
  • Writing a children’s book can have a profound and enduring impact on the lives of young readers. Your words and stories have the potential to inspire, educate, and entertain children and even alter the way they perceive the world around them. By persevering through obstacles and completing your book, you hold the power to make a lasting difference in the lives of others. You may ignite a love for reading, spark a child’s imagination, or offer a message of hope and empowerment that resonates for years to come. 

So, whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out, today is the perfect day to channel your inner child and let your imagination run wild because I have the BEST deal for you! 

KidLit Creators 3.0 from Infostack is the ultimate resource for bringing your dream of writing a children’s book to life. This comprehensive bundle offers everything you need to create captivating chapter books and picture books that both kids and adults will love to read. 

You’ll receive valuable tips and strategies on crafting engaging stories that resonate with young readers, along with expert guidance on illustrating your book using watercolors. With step-by-step instruction and live “paint alongs,” you’ll be able to bring your characters and stories to life in stunning detail. Additionally, KidLit Creators 3.0 provides you with expert advice on optimizing your website to drive action and engage readers.

Let’s celebrate Children’s Picture Book Day by unleashing our creativity and crafting stories that will inspire and captivate a new generation of readers! Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting out, now is the perfect time to pick up your pen and get writing. And if you’re looking for expert guidance and valuable resources to help bring your ideas to life, don’t forget to check out KidLit Creators 3.0 from Infostack.

1 John: A Devotional On Love, Obedience, and Side Effects of Salvation by Nicole Hanson

This short devotional is unique in that it includes original watercolor paintings by the author. Each of the 23 chapters begins with a painting, an exhortation to read the selected verses from 1 John from a bible version that is easy for the reader to understand, followed by the author’s commentary and journal prompts. 

I enjoyed the addition of the painting and the journal prompts. However, I would have liked to have seen a place where readers could write their responses or thoughts about the biblical reflection posed by the author. This would reinforce the idea that not words but action is the basis for faith-based behavior. 

I was also curious as to why the author chose to include the exhortation to read the bible verses being discussed but not include them in the book itself. Since I was curious, I decided to check about copyright laws and scripture. 

While the King James Version of the Bible is in the public domain in the U.S., most other translations are under copyright, which means there are restrictions for quoting from them. Additionally, although the King James Version is in the public domain in most countries (except for the U.K.), it may not be the easiest translation to read for some people. As a result, readers may be more comfortable reading a selected passage from a version of the Bible that they are more familiar with and find easier to understand, which is undoubtedly why the author suggested it.

As with any text citation, properly attributing a Bible quote is essential. While requesting permission can be time-consuming, it’s sometimes a necessary step to ensure legal compliance. However, in this case, the book only focuses on 2-4 verses from 1 John in each chapter, so it’s unlikely that the snippets would make up more than 25% of the text. That being said, the author says she is using the New Living Translation (NLT) for the scriptures. The copyright holder of that particular translation, Tyndale House Publishers, gives permission for up to 500 verses in a book as long as it’s not 25 percent of the book nor the entire bible book.

 Regardless, 1 John: On Love, Obedience, and Side Effects of Salvation by Nicole Hanson would make a nice addition to any bible study, whether in a group using the journal prompts and author’s commentary as a platform to open discussion or individual biblical contemplation.

I received an ARC from the author for this review.

Author Feature — Nicole Hanson

Today’s Author feature is Nicole Hanson from Rochester, Minnesota, author of 1 John: On Love, Obedience, and Side Effects of Salvation.

When I started writing, it was for fun and to make my sisters and cousins smile. Then, in High School, around 2010, I began writing devotional thoughts for others on my blog. Adults at church began asking when I would write a book, but I shrugged it off. I thought I needed to accomplish more before publishing, I thought I needed more experience under my belt and more candles on my birthday cakes. 

Over the years, I’ve realized those were excuses. But then I became busy with marriage, ministry, and work. In 2021, I knew it was time to write a book. It would be a devotional straight through my favorite book of the Bible (1 John), and it would include my paintings as visual cues. But between all the things vying for my attention, there wasn’t much room for research, study, and writing. I wrote whenever I could carve out time, and the book slowly began to form. 

In 2022, I was blessed to have the whole summer off. In a matter of a month, I finished the book, and the paintings, and figured out self-publishing!

My book, 1 John: On Love, Obedience, and Side Effects of Salvation, is a 23-day Christian devotional. Each day’s reading includes a scripture to read, my devotional thoughts, an application question, and one of my watercolor paintings that makes the concept from scripture more concrete and memorable. We journey through the whole letter of 1 John, exploring the themes of love, obedience, and “side effects” of our salvation. 

I am currently writing a book that will help Christians remember what God says He is faithful to do. This one will take more time, I believe, because I am reading every book of the Bible, looking for God’s promises of faithfulness. I have time set aside each week for study and writing. Those interested may sign up for book updates here: subscribepage.io/tehcMf 

The best writing advice I’ve ever received is to write the first draft and don’t expect it to be good, but to revise and edit until it’s great! This has been helpful for me because I tend to want the first draft to be publication-ready, and that’s simply not realistic.

Love on Thin Ice 3 – Healing by Vallean Jackson

Love on Thin Ice 3 – Healing by Vallean Jackson is the third book in the Love on Thin Ice series. 

Briefly, the main characters and their relationships are as follows:

Keiontay believed that Ginger’s daughter was his but discovered that Kaleigh was Tarven’s child. Keiontay fathered Nolan with Nova but has not stepped up to the plate as a father. Morgan is Keiontay’s nurse and allows him to stay with her as he recovers from a stab wound.

Nova is doing the best she can for her son, Nolan. Omar is interested in becoming a permanent part of their family, but Nova hesitates to let him in.

Tarven and Keiontay were best friends until Ginger revealed that her daughter was biologically Tarven’s and not Keiontay’s. Tarven is working on creating a family with Ginger. However, Ginger is obsessed with Keiontay, suffering from depression and making life difficult for Nova. 

The most interesting aspect of this book for me was the level of introspection the characters were capable of. Keiontay and Tarven both could see that their behavior stemmed from incidents in their upbringing. Nova and Morgan were also able to understand the origin of the seemingly irresponsible actions of these men. These intertwining relationships illustrate the adage, “hurt people hurt people.” 

As the theme for this third book in the series is “healing,” the characters make transformative observations about their behavior. Some are able to make reparations, while others, although acknowledging the hurt they have caused, decide to move on without apology. 

This book has several explicit sex scenes and deals with domestic and drug-related violence, so it may not be for everyone. Additionally, because of the amount of introspection, sections can be confusing if you haven’t read the previous books in the series, although Love on Thin Ice 3 – Healing can be read as a stand-alone.

I received an ARC from the author.

La Misión Ártica por Minda Gomez

La Misión Ártica por Minda Gomez el segundo libro de la serie Las aventuras de los niños Martinez (Martinez Kids Adventures). En este libro, Diego, Rico y Araceli se entretienen en el LAAAARGO viaje de Minnesota a Ciudad Juárez con las gafas de realidad virtual de su vecino inventor Don Toño. Sus hazañas refuerzan los valores de cooperación, responsabilidad, constancia y ánimo.

Cuando la familia llega a su destino, el lector puede echar un vistazo a algunas de las costumbres y comidas tradicionales mexicanas que se encuentran en las áreas cercanas a la frontera entre EE. UU. y México. Las aventuras continúan a través de las gafas de realidad virtual en el viaje LAAAARGO de regreso a Minnesota.

El libro termina con la receta de atole de avena de Tita y la canción de la piñata, ¡que siempre es una gran canción para cantar!

La versión en inglés (The Arctic Quest) contiene una lista traducida de las palabras en español utilizadas en el libro con una guía de pronunciación. La versión en español (La Misión Ártica) hace lo mismo con el término en inglés que contiene. Como beneficio adicional, este libro de la serie contiene algunas palabras inuit para un mayor aprendizaje del idioma. Las ilustraciones hacen que la lectura de este libro de capítulos sea aún más agradable.

Leer más sobre la autora aquí.

Recibí una copia de revisión avanzada del autor.