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One Year Blogging Planner

Get your blogging organized with this one-year planner with plenty of space to record your mission statement, marketing plan, and expenses/income generated each month. If you’ve run out of ideas, check out the monthly list of international events sure to inspire your next post!

International Event and Special Occasion List: One Year Planner

Revised, updated, and expanded! Get your blogging or teaching on track with this extensive international event and special occasion list. You’re sure to find just the topic you need to write your next post or class! The list includes monthly holidays, weekly observances, and floating holidays organized by month and theme with clickable links to sponsors.

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Book Weaving: How to Create a Story Tapestry From Your Blog Threads

Stopped blogging? Want a keepsake to keep your stories alive? Want to make money from your expertise offline?

Then come craft with Book Weaving: How to Create a Story Tapestry From Your Blog Threads. You’ll learn about the sections of a properly-formatted book and how you can modify blog posts to craft an interesting storyline. Plus, you’ll find out some image formatting tricks to help as well as learn about some helpful story-weaving tools.

Make something tangible from all your hard work!