Women of the Bible Card Game

You may already know something about the jealous rivalry between Leah and Rachel. You may also be aware of how miracles allowed Sarah and Hannah to have children. But what do you know about Abraham’s wife Keturah? Are you aware that Zipporah and Jael’s violent and decisive actions saved the day? And what about Rizpah and Michal whose stories are so heartbreaking? 

You can learn about these women and more as you enjoy some wholesome family fun with the Women of the Bible Playing Cards. Each full-color card contains a little about one of 27 different women mentioned in the Old Testament with a scriptural reference for more in-depth study. 

The game is modeled on “Old Maid” with Jezebel as the leading lady no one wants to get stuck with. Women of the Bible Playing Cards make an excellent Easter, First Communion, or Baptism gift and the perfect addition to Sunday school or homeschooling curriculum.


Our family has enjoyed several nights of family fun with these cards. We thought we were pretty knowledgeable of the women of the Bible, but we still had a lot to learn. This is a great resource for all ages. The cards have beautiful artist renditions of the Bible characters, along with facts about the Bible women. It’s priceless to see my son’s face when he gets Jezabel, he hasn’t learned to have a “poker” face yet.

Rating: 5 out of 5.