My FOCUS Workbook

Struggling to stay focused on your goals? πŸ€” This illustrated workbook is just what you need! πŸ“– It includes a self-assessment, 36 tips to maintain focus, and a journal with 34 prompts to help you stay on track. Get started today and achieve your definition of success! 🌟


This illustrated Workbook will help you maintain your focus to achieve your goals and what you define as success.

It includes:

1. An Introduction to the Importance of Focus.

2. Focus Self-assessment.

3. 36 Tips To Help Maintain Focus.

4. List Of Resources To Help Improve Focus And Concentration.

5. My Focus Journal with 34 Prompts.

  • The cover is included.
  • Editable in PowerPoint.
  • PDF file and Fonts File included.
  • PLR License.
  • 88 pages, page size 8.5 x 11, illustrated.

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