Herbal Academy’s Tea Blending 101 Workshop

👉 Don’t miss out on this fun and informative workshop! Enroll now in Herbal Academy’s Tea Blending 101 Workshop. ☕️✨


☕️ Sip on something new this summer with Herbal Academy’s Tea Blending 101 Workshop! 🌿 Doors open on June 26, 2023

🌱 Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate herbalist, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to create delicious, effective, and personalized tea blends for wellness or enjoyment.

🍃 Over three sessions, you’ll cover the basics of herbal tea-making, including how to formulate for both effectiveness and flavor, advanced tea-making techniques, and some of your favorite herbal tea recipes.

🍵 From peppermint to chamomile to lavender, you’ll learn how to blend different herbs and create unique and tasty tea blends that are tailored to your preferences and health goals.

🌺 Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other tea enthusiasts from around the world and share your own favorite blends and recipes.

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