Arles Life Digitial Planner

Ready to be your own life coach? 🙌🏼 Dream big and make it happen with our digital planner! Plan your vision board and morning routine, and tackle limiting beliefs. Get your life in balance and on track! 🌟



Go through this digital planner step by step and DREAM BIG!

How do you want your life to look?

Dream, plan, then use these digital planning pages to make it happen!

Create your vision board for what you want to achieve, bust through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and plan your morning routine. Take a look at your life and figure out where you are out of balance.


• Clickable tabs and hyperlinks to seamlessly guide you through your planner

• Designed to use on your iPad or tablet using an app like Goodnotes, Notability or Noteshelf (these products are NOT included in your purchase)

• Undated format allows you to use this planner year after year

• Clean, minimalist design



✨ My dream life
✨ My perfect day
✨ My values
✨ Living by my values
✨ My value-driven life
✨ Vision Board
✨ Word of the year
✨ Vision map

✨ My top 3 goals
✨ 90-day goal setting
✨ My big beautiful goals
✨ Make it happen
✨ Priority matrix
✨ Goal planner
✨ My goals
✨ Goal grid

✨ My beautiful morning
✨ My morning routine
✨ Wheel of life
✨ Limiting beliefs
✨ Release and let go
✨ Courses I am taking
✨ Books I want to read
✨ Things I want to buy
✨ My achievements
✨ Wardrobe inventory

✨ Habit tracker
✨ Exercise plan
✨ Meal plan

✨ Monthly budget
✨ Revenue tracker
✨ Expenses tracker
✨ Budget review

✨ Weekly planner

✨ Monthly planner

✨ Focus of the month
✨ Yearly overview

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