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Surviving Voluntary Exile: Overcoming Common Obstacles to Making a Successful Life Transition

Expat? Emigrant? Immigrant? Voluntary exile?

Refugee? Migrant? Displaced asylum seeker?

If any of these words can be applied to you, then you have a long and often frustrating cultural adaptation process ahead of you. Finding a place to live, figuring out where to shop, and learning about your new culture will take time. Your preconceived notions and unconscious beliefs may be hindering your progress, even if you aren’t aware of it.

Whether you have relocated for love, money, or adventure, (or a little of all three) you are sure to benefit from the life lessons covered in this course. In these lessons, we will evaluate everything from your self-conceptualization to your general attitude and discover a variety of ways to overcome these self-imposed obstacles to creating your best life every in your new country.

What are you waiting for?

So much of the information out there on moving to another country is either focused on those moving for work or for retirement and only focuses on nitty-gritty details. What about if you are moving for another reason, or if you have the life details ironed out but want to prepare for the emotional rollercoaster that is sure to follow? This course is different; it is really about the internal changes we experience and how we help ourselves not be overwhelmed by our feelings. I found it very helpful in conceptualizing how we can change our reactions to events and therefore increase our happiness. Not only that, but many of the techniques or info can be applied to other areas of our lives!

— Florence P.

I really enjoyed the Surviving Voluntary Exile course. I really feel that it has excellent information for anyone overcoming obstacles in their life ( aren’t we all?!). The course designer has used her experience to make the path for other women to be easier and to have some idea of the challenges they will be facing. She approaches the lessons with positivity and humor. She really has an excellent perspective on this topic. It leaves you feeling like you can overcome the obstacles that lie ahead, and her positive attitude becomes contagious. There are assignments each week that are uplifting and not burdening. It’s information that you can come back to again and again to help you be successful.

— Erica D.