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A Beginner’s Guide to Front Matter


C.E. Flores

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Course Overview

A Beginner’s Guide to Front Matter is a basic guide that explains what front matter is, its purpose, and how to create it for different types of documents such as books, research papers, and reports. It covers the essential elements of the front matter and provides examples and tips to help beginning authors create professional-looking manuscripts.

Course Content

  • Required Front Matter
    • Title Page, Copyright, and the Table of Contents

  • Optional Front Matter
    • Overview of Optional Front Matter Sections

    • Half-Title Page and Frontispiece

    • Disclaimer

    • Testimonials

    • Dedication

    • Epigram and Epigraph

    • Lists, Maps, and Timelines

    • Foreword and Preface

    • Acknowledgements

    • Introduction and Prologue

  • Conclusion
    • Organizing the Front Matter

    • Final Thoughts

  • Lessons 13
  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update March 2, 2023