Blog to Book Project — Kindle MatchBook

With the Kindle MatchBook program, you can offer the Kindle version of your print book to someone who purchases the print book for a reduced price. You earn your normal royalty percentage from the sale unless you choose to offer it for free of course. 

In order to set up Kindle MatchBook, you should choose the “Edit ebook pricing” from the ellipsis on the Kindle version, not the print copy, of your book on your KDP bookshelf.

Scroll down until you see the MatchBook heading. Check the “Enroll my book in Kindle MatchBook” option. 

Depending on the price of your print book, you will have the option to offer the Kindle version for $2.99, $1.99, $0.99 or free. When you choose the price, you’ll be shown the royalties you would earn at that price level. Make sure to save the changes to your book by choosing the yellow button “Publish Your Kindle eBook.”

If you want to cancel the Kindle MatchBook option, just unselect the box “Enroll my book in Kindle MatchBook.” and save the changes by choosing the yellow button “Publish Your Kindle eBook.”

Assignment: Enroll your book in the Kindle Matchbook program. 

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