Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series

Paranormal cozy mysteries? I know, who’d have thought. I’ve got news for you, I loved each and every book in the 10-book series. Now that doesn’t happen too often.

Here’s the plot:

Emma Hart is on her way to visit one of her clients and happens upon what she believes to be an impending suicide. Jumping out of her lime green Volvo, lovingly christened Sigmund, she rushes out to save the man on the cliff. Not having taken the time to engage the parking brake, Emma is in danger of being run over or drowning in the lake until the would-be-suicide flies down and snatches her from harm’s way. That’s right, flies. It turns out he’s an angel, well a fallen angel, who had come to his favorite cliff to mope.

Inadvertently, Daniel, the angel, has flown Emma into the borders of Spellbound, a paranormal town under a curse. Much to her surprise, Emma has some paranormal blood in her as well, and now is trapped with the other residents.

She’s made the town’s public defender since her entrance coincided with the unfortunate demise of the previous lawyer, a Scottish vampire named Gareth. She’s also given Gareth’s house where she is surprised to find some sort of mongrel cat and the ghost of the former owner.

Since she hadn’t had any previous magical training, she is enrolled in the remedial witch classes at the ASS Academy. Her burgeoning powers and sporadic criminal cases keep her busy.

She falls in love with Daniel, the fallen angel, but the course of true love never did run smooth. She makes just as many friends as enemies and discovers her mysterious past is intricately tied to the current predicament that the town is in.

Emma is funny and sweet. Her interactions with other paranormals often made me chuckle. I can’t say that the series is entirely original since the storyline and characters are borrowed from other famous works.

For instance, Emma’s familiar is not a cat but a cantankerous owl name Sedgewick, reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Hedwig. The coven head and headmistress of ASS Academy is very much Professor McGonagall with a ridiculous antler headdress. The vampires and werewolves were typecast like any other paranormal world. On the other hand, there were some new characters including harpies ever looking for a man to sink their claws into, gorgons who keep their snakey hair under wraps, the Gray sisters that share a single eye and tooth, Valkyrie law enforcement and a minotaur who is the town’s arquitect.

If you are looking for some light paranormal reading, then I highly recommend Annabel Chase’s Spellbound series. You’ll want to get them all so that you can follow the story from beginning until….well the beginning. You’ll just have to read them to see what I mean.

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